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December 2014 – Happy Holidays and DVDs Sale

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season!  It can be a hectic time of the year, so please remember to take time for yourself – whether it is a yoga, dance or qigong/ tai chi class, a walk in the park, quiet time for reading/ contemplation, a massage or acupuncture, or even sleeping in on the weekends!  This is the season for giving to others, but we must also take time for giving to ourselves in a healthy way so that we stay replenished.  There may be feelings of guilt that come up when we give to ourselves (but those feelings are usually a result of societal and/or family conditioning).  We must remember that giving to and taking care of ourselves, and not just others, creates balance in our lives.  That balance will allow us to better approach the holidays with calm, patience, and positivity!    

If you are looking for exercise or dance dvds as gifts, I am offering my Finis Jhung DVDs on sale for $ 30.  If you are interested, just let me know and I can bring some to class.  Here are some excerpts to watch:    “Ballet Barre Stretch and Strength,” “The Ten-Minute Stretch Break”,

If you are around NYC through the holidays, I highly recommend the new Broadway show “Sideshow” which is unfortunately closing January 4.  It has received uniformly excellent reviews, and my friend and I absolutely loved it.  We were very impressed with the cast’s talent, the show’s score and staging.  The entire audience gave them a standing ovation.  It is not to be missed!