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March 2016 Schedule, and Core Yoga Workshop

I am back from a lovely week in Florida – soaking in the bright colors of the green palms, blue sky and waters, colorful flowers, and the shining sun was exactly what this warm-weather loving gal needed.  So I am feeling refreshed and energized, and happy to be back to my classes and to reconnect with all of you.

This month, I am offering a special 2-hour yoga and pilates workshop at Integral Yoga on Monday night, March 28th, 6:30-8:30 pm – “Strong to the Core”.

In this Workshop, you will learn safe and effective ways to strengthen the core, especially the hard-to-reach lower abdominals. Strong abs make balancing poses easier and are the key to preventing or eliminating back pain. You will learn abdominal exercises that are alternatives to traditional crunches, thereby preventing any neck or upper-back tension, or back strain.  Recent studies have shown that the safest and most effective abdominal exercises are those that work the deep stabilizing muscles (transverse abdominals) and not just the superficial ones.  We will learn those type of exercises, which, by the way, are also safe for people diagnosed with osteopororis. Working with the breath is another key to proper abdominal strengthening work, and we will explore different ways breathing practices in the movements.  The workshop also includes specific back-strengthening poses, standing balances, and a take-home outline.  Enhance your Yoga practice and your life with a strong center!  If you would like to read up on this topic, this is one of favorite articles: