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May 2015 – Mother’s Day and “Yoga for Runners” Workshop

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful Mother’s Day weekend! We honor our mothers on this day, whether they are with us physically or passed on to spirit. My beautiful mother passed away in 1995 when I was in law school. She was a beautiful support for me and my family, and I am sure she would be, and hopefully is, happy to see how my life has evolved with yoga and my return to dance. I always think of her when I do lion’s face roar in class (and I love to do this pose to stretch the facial muscles and to release tension). I used to watch my mother do this when practicing yoga in her bedroom – and thinking this was so strange! Funny, how we often return to our roots and life comes full circle. Today, we also honor our Earth Mother (Gaia) – the mother that sustains us all.

See my May teaching schedule, that includes “Yoga for Runners” Workshop this Monday night, May 11, at Integral Yoga Institute.